May 27, Sunday - Day 30:  We got up early so we could research the ferry dock area for a place to rendezvous with Linda and Ashley.   Looking at the satellite map we noticed a marina next to the ferry dock, so we called to ask for 'local knowledge' about suggestions for docking a 44 foot trawler to pick up passengers from the ferry.  The marina said - "No problem - use our dock its a short walk from the ferry dock.  We don't mind and we'll even come catch your lines if you need some help."  Fantastic!  We were docking Rickshaw as the ferry was coming in; Linda could see us from the ferry so she knew where to go.  She and Ashley were aboard Rickshaw by 9:15.  Everything when perfectly - except - did I mention it had been pouring down rain all morning?  UCK.  Everyone was wet.   We waited about 45 minutes for the rain to let up then we pulled in our lines and headed for the Big Apple - a three hour trip.

Within a hour the rain was gone and the skies were blue - it was great weather for the challenges of entering the BUSY New York Harbor.  First we went under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, then we passed by the Statue of Liberty and the new Freedom Tower was standing tall in Manhattan skyline - how exciting!!   But with all the sites we wanted to take in - we still had to keep a sharp look out as NY Harbor is buzzing with huge ships, ferry boats, tour boats, power boats and sail boats.

We arrived at the Newport Yacht Club and Marina in time for lunch with our crew at a nearby restaurant.  Then it was goodby to our Houston friends - we had a lot to do to get ready for our company who will be arriving about 8:30 tonight!  I can't wait - its been 4 months since I've seen my son and grandkids.
This is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the first bridge when entering New York Harbor. This is also the bridge where the NYC marathon starts.
From our aft deck we could see the Empire State Building which was aglow from the evening sun.
Jim and Belinda approaching the Statue of Liberty. This is the first time Belinda has EVER seen her!
Here is our track from May 13th to May 27th. We started in Chesapeake City, Maryland, stopped in Delaware, Cape May, NJ, Atantic City, NJ, Sandy Hook, NJ and ended across from Manhattan!
Linda and Belinda on the bow as we pass the Statue of Liberty.
We could also see the Freedom Tower from Rickshaw - it was prettier at night as it wasn't as obvious that it was still under construction.
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